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Past LifeLife Between Life and Quantum Consciousness

are a sequence of therapies providing an opportunity to regain clarity of purpose and understanding about who we are, where and what we are doing on our life’s soul journey. These therapies offer a pathway to feeling more resolved, on track and fully present to what life has to offer here and now!
The pace of modern life can be overwhelming at times, and we can find ourselves a little lost, uncertain or disoriented. At these times we can all benefit from a higher perspective! From this place we can find an objective viewpoint where we can get the answers and the clarity we need.
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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally induced state of relaxation during which we may tap into our subconscious mind. This is the part of our mind that influences the habits we choose, what we think, how we feel…

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What is Past Life Regression?

A Past Life Regression (PLR) can recover memories of past lives or other incarnations. These memories may reveal the source of fears or provide insight into a current life challenge or relationship conflicts…

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What is Life Between Life?

Life Between Lives (LBL) is a way of accessing a state of consciousness beyond this present life, in between incarnations. Dr Michael Newton first discovered this state when regressing a client who had expressed…

What is Quantum Consciousness?

Quantum Consciousness (QC) is a means to access a state of expanded consciousness, or universal oneness, to free our minds of old belief systems and conditioning, fear and other negative emotions that control our behaviour, in order to create our own reality….

Lana Spitz offers Past Life Regression, Life Between Life hypnotherapy and Quantum Consciousness sessions from her home on Putney Heath in SW London. She is an accredited member of the Newton Institute and the Institute for Quantum Consciousness. Please read more About Lana, or visit the Contact page with any questions or to make an appointment.
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