Healing is an important part of anyone’s life. It could be physically, mentally or emotionally – healing needs to happen in many different situations. But could the key to healing be hidden in a past life?

You’ve probably never thought about your past life – in fact, you might not even believe in the idea of having a past life. It is a strange idea at first and it can be difficult to get your head around, but you can be sure that we are all made up of all the lives that we have lived before.



Our past life can often have an impact on our present self – yes, really! Whilst we aren’t conscious and aware of it, our past selves can prevent us from overcoming fears or traumas and even prevent us from healing emotionally.  Have you found that you’ve tried several times to heal your mind, some emotional scarring or even some continued physical pain and not been able to? Maybe you continue to experience the same problems time and time again. Are you constantly relapsing into an addiction, injuring the same part of your body, struggling with a mental health problem or even something more serious, like a chronic illness that seems to have arisen out of the blue? It can be nothing if frustrating to experience issues like these without even being able to resolve them or to find an explanation as to why they’re happening.


Your past life could be preventing you from healing in the present day

Traces from our past life that can still be found in our present selves are referred to as “residue”, or in some cultures, “karma”. This residue, or karma, can linger from a past life and continue to have an impact on our present self, allowing repeated issues to continue to blossom and grow, rather than to heal and reach a conclusion with closure. In any given lifetime we are presented with the chance to work through each of these problems, such as poor health or emotional difficulties, in order to allow our spirits to keep on evolving and to make sure that each life we are given to live is better than the last.

Understanding the “residue” – or karma

If you can’t quite grasp the concept of karma, think of it almost as the leftovers of experiences where you didn’t get closure. Your spirit, and your soul, needed to learn and grow, and ultimately take something away from a certain experience and it didn’t quite get the chance to. This means you still have more work to do, so your soul will continue to live through similar situations, experiences and circumstances until you’ve completed the lesson you were supposed to learn and fulfilled the growth you were supposed to experience. In order to be able to do this fully, you need to be able to explore your past lives to gain a better understanding of the issues you are facing in present day.

If you don’t allow yourself the opportunity to dig into the past lives you have lived and allow yourself the chance to unearth the root of the problem, therefore overcoming the difficult and sometimes negative emotions and energies that continue to linger in your life today, you’ll find that you will just keep on repeating the past.

Digging through your past lives, using therapies such as Past Life Regression(PLR) and hypnosis, you can explore much about your past lives and the things you may have gone through and experienced previously. This will reveal to you the reasons why you’re facing certain challenges and difficulties in this lifetime and will also guide you on your way to transforming them. Exploring your past lives will allow you to have a firm and more complete understanding of the person you are today and the life you are living right now.

Once you have a better understanding of your past life, you can being to grow your soul and allow yourself to begin healing in your present life, now that you have access to the cause of the problem. Exploring the past can better your future and allow you to live a far greater and more fulfilled life.

Your soul needs to evolve. Somtimes you need to take two steps back before you can move forwards.

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