Have you ever heard of Life Between Life therapy?

Life Between Life therapy is one of the most exciting kinds of spiritual based therapies there is – it allows us to connect with our spirit, meet our spirit guide and join our “soul group”. In doing this, we are then able to experience enlightening that gives us the opportunity to ask the most profound questions. Life Between Life therapy gives us an insight into the spiritual world and allows us to access any state of consciousness beyond this life, particularly those between carnations.



Life Between Life therapy was first discovered by a therapist, Dr Michael Newton. He was taking a client through some past life regression therapy and the client was presenting some particular challenges. It was because of this that he was able to find this new therapy, Life Between Life.

Here at Past Life and Beyond, Lana will take a very precise approach to the therapy. Everyone’s session will be different because no one has experienced the same state of consciousness. The things you will reveal whilst engaging with the spiritual world will amaze you, surprise you and also be unique to you. Lana will guide you into the spiritual realm and will gently push you in the direction you need to go, but ultimately you are in control. Life Between Life therapy is a journey for you. Therefore it is important that youremain in control and youchoose the direction that you take.



One of the most important features of any Life Between Life session is that good communication is upheld at all times between Lana and the client. Only then will you be able to untangle your thoughts and feelings with ease, explore your own self and your past selves on the deepest level you can and truly uncover the mysteries of your past to help gain a better understanding of your future.

The idea of exploring the realms of spirits and different levels of consciousness between lives can be daunting; scary, even. But don’t fear – Lana will calmly and safely assist you on this incredible, exciting journey of self exploration and spiritual healing.

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