Life Between Lives (LBL)

Life Between Life (LBL) therapy is a way of accessing a state of consciousness beyond this present life, in between incarnations. This kind of therapy was first discovered by Dr Michael Newton, when he was regressing a client who had expressed a particular challenge.

LBL is a wonderful, experiential exploration into the realm of spirits – in particular, your spirit. In the state of consciousness brought about through the Life Between Life process, we are able to meet our “spirit guides” and our “soul group”.  During this process, we get to ask the most profound questions, and gain enlightening insight into the spiritual world.

Lana’s approach to LBL therapy is precise and clear, connecting you with intimately with your soul. You are guided along your own unique path to wherever you need to be. Unobtrusive, yet probing questions are asked during the session, allowing the space and time you need to make the direct connections with your guidance source. A safe and solid environment is created during an LBL session, where you are free to explore and untangle your thoughts, feelings and past selves on the deepest level available to you. Good communication and rapport between facilitator and the client is one of the most important elements of an LBL session, and we will take the time to establish and create a comfortable and engaging session. In this way the client gains everything they need to accomplish in the session.

It is important to remember that LBL therapy is your own journey. Ask the questions and find the answers, explore your spirit and the past lives you’ve lived to help understand what you’re going through as your present self. Your spirit will take you where you need to go and will reveal to you what you need to know.

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