Past Life and Beyond provides a link between your past, your present and your future through a number of intense therapies from an accredited member of the Newton Institute, Lana Spitz. Lana is a practitioner of Iridology, Hypnotherapy, Life Between Life therapy and Past Life Regression therapy. She has dedicated most of her life to helping people explore and understand the realms of the body, spirit and mind, bringing compassion and vision to her practices. As a healer, she provides a safe space for you to begin your exploration into your soul, your past self and your spirit.

At Past Life and Beyond, we offer a number of different services, including sessions in Quantum Consciousness, Life Between Life therapy and Past Life Regression therapy. Using years of experience and some incredibly safe and comfortable techniques, Lana is able to guide clients on spiritual journeys that they could only ever dream of, uncovering secrets about their past that can unlock mysteries in the future.

The mind, body and soul are really all so deeply connected, as are our three main selves – our past, present and future being. By allowing ourselves to dive deeper into the realms of consciousness, we can gain a far deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here, expanding our awareness to new levels we would never believe to be possible. Each of the therapies offered at Past Life and Beyond allow us to gauge a deeper understanding of the reason for being here, right here in this exact moment. The therapies and treatments available here allow us to get in touch with our souls and, in turn, assist our souls in unravelling hidden information about our past, our present and even our future.

Any information discovered on a soul – level during these sessions can aid you in a number of ways in your present life, including helping you to tune in more sensitively to connections with other individuals (such as your soul mate), can influence the way you live your life and the choices you make and, in some cases, can even assist you in healing from past traumas by allowing you to gain a further and more in depth understanding of them.

A lot of people are sceptical when they first hear about these kinds of therapies and treatments, but there is science to it all. Yes, really – science and spirituality really are connected. Anything to do with the Quantum links back to science – quantum physics, quantum realities, the quantum field. And, of course, quantum consciousness.

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Welcome to Past Life and Beyond. Embark on this beautiful, spiritual journey with us and learn more about yourself and your connection with the universe along the way.