Past Life Regression (PLR) is probably something you haven’t heard of before and, at first glance, probably sounds a little daunting too.

It’s nothing to be scared of though – in fact, PLR therapy is something that can be incredibly useful to you for a number of reasons. If you are suffering from certain kinds of fears or facing some obstacles and/or challenges in your day to day life, Past Life Regression therapy can not only help you to understand the source of these fears and challenges, but also can guide you to help overcome them too.


What is Past Life Regression therapy?

Past Life Regression therapy allows you to recover memories of past lives or reincarnations that might be affecting your present self. During your session, you will be guided back to a significant previous life that your subconscious will select as being most beneficial to you and your present life. This selection of memories will then allow you to uncover important issues that may have happened to you, or problems and fears that were never addressed and, as a result, have begun to have a significant impact on your present day life. Many of your personality traits and behaviours, experiences and the way we process them can all be linked back to your past self, with everything being unknowingly stored in your subconscious. Every life you have experienced since the beginning of time is stored in your subconscious, and a Past Life Regression therapy session can assist you in uncovering these various selves.

How does it work?

A Past Life Regression therapy session takes place whilst under hypnosis. Unlike a lot of hypnotherapy sessions though, the hypnosis method used for PLR allows you to remain in complete control of what happens. It’s almost like letting your subconscious have free reign – it will take you where you need to go and uncover what it needs to in order to deal with present day problems. Whilst you will have someone there to guide your spirit, you are in control and you decide what happens during your therapy session.

Each Past Life Regression therapy session is unique. No two people will ever experience the same kind of session, because no two people have ever lived the same life. If you’re looking to resolve challenges you might be facing and to make peace with any negativity that may have been preventing you from experiencing true happiness in this lifetime. Book your session today and let’s see what we can uncover from your past lives…

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